Please Play Again….

Why does a contest make me want to buy cups and cups of horrible tasting coffee, just to roll the rim, and find out that they want me to play again?   Anyone else out there compulsively stopping at every Tim Horton’s they pass?

Okay… I’m not quite that bad, but I’m sure if I tracked my coffee consumption via a spreadsheet I would notice a sharp spike during our country’s annual contest!  Can you imagine a spring without rolling up countless rims? I cannot.  It has become part of who and what we are here in Canada…  Not sure what that says about us, except that we are creatures of habit 🙂

I have won I believe 3 free coffees.  TOTAL. And the contest has been running for six weeks… I don’t want to disclose how many cups I’ve consumed in the six weeks…but its far more than 3.  My mom won a donut.  She doesn’t eat donuts.

This year is even more special because you can roll not one, but TWO rims.

Don’t get excited.  They both say they same thing 🙂

I’ve heard the rumours of people who win… and win big…but does anyone ACTUALLY know anyone that’s won first hand?? I think not.

Good luck! & Keep rolling 🙂

– Karen