Why do dogs eat Poop?

Some things I will just never understand about my canine friends. Maya my older border collie is a little bit whacky in general – but she is really whacky when it comes to poop. Especially cat poop.  I also have two indoor cats, and my neighbours seem to think it a great idea to raise feral cats…so you can see how this might be a bit of a problem in my life at times!

I have these AWESOME dome shaped litter boxes in the house, that are “supposed” to be dog proof.  I assure you that does not apply to border collies.  Especially at 2am.

If eating it isn’t gross enough, when she finds the neighbours feral cat poop in our yard she chooses to roll in it.  I know. Disgusting.  Thing is – she looks PROUD of herself, and VERY happy all covered in that nastiness.  I need an outdoor dog shower.

Until next time!

– Karen