Am I dreaming?

It has been eleven days since I found out that I do in fact get to represent TEAM CANADA at this years European Open!! I am beyond excited & deeply honoured that Cash and I are representing our beautiful country at such an awesome event.

I got the news while I was a passenger (thank God) in Mom’s car heading to work – I am fairly certain I caused some permanent damage to her hearing and may have affected the shocks in her car. I screamed & bounced and carried on for at least an hour.  There were also some very loud voicemail messages left for friends – NONE of which seemed able to answer their phones!!

After the excitement *started* to settle I got down to business to book my flight overseas & found out we were going to get to go a little bit early and stay a little bit late… That’s okay though! Cash and I are going to make a little European vacation out of it.  I immediately googled “Things to do Alone with Your Dog in Munich”. I’m not sure I’d recommend that search.  LOL.

55 Sleeps until the competition begins!!! AND…less than 7 weeks until we leave. I feel a little bit overwhelmed with all of the things I need to get done between now and then but am thankful for the support of all my friends and family. You know who you are 🙂

~ Karen

Trying Out, Journeying Forward & Daring to Dream

Cash & I have been on quite a journey the last few weeks – and honestly if I think about it, for his entire life! That dog has taught me so much, and pushed me to dream and believe that IT IS possible!

We participated in the CKC Agility Team Tryout at the end of March, and had an amazing weekend on some very challenging, fun & FAST courses designed by Zeljko Gora from Croatia.  We had two clean runs, placing 6th & 10th – and the other four had some faults. My favourite run of the weekend actually is one that we ended up off course at the end, and of course it was totally my fault! I will post some video when I get my butt into gear and do some editing…!

I was hopeful that we would do well enough to be offered a spot for the European Open in July in Germany this year – we ended up being named the first alternate.  It is a little bit hard to be that close, and not quite get it – but I know that with time, we will…and I really do believe that things happen the way they do for a reason.

So here’s to journeying forward, daring to dream…and all that the future will bring us.

~ Karen

I love Mondays!

I have started to love Mondays. I know – it’s a little odd… Most people dread the end of the weekend, but not me! On Saturdays I find myself wondering “is it Monday yet??”

Before you suggest I check myself in for a psychiatric evaluation let me tell you why.

Mondays are the day that I drive (or lucky me today, have my husband drive) over five hours total for a one hour agility class.

Convinced you yet ? Lol.

Many people in my life think I’ve gone a little batshit, but you know what? That hour is beyond worth it for me.

Are there agility classes closer? Yes. Will I be as challenged or learn as much? No.

I have the opportunity to train with one of the best handlers in the world ( – and really learn how to run the amazing little dog I have been blessed with.

So if that makes me crazy… So be it 🙂

Feeling very excited for the future and where Cash and I are headed! Until next time!

– Karen


Winter Wonderland

Today I am off from work, and so have spent my day chilling out with my two border collies Maya & Cash. Well chilling out border collie style… You see, it’s SNOWING at my house. I live in a part of Ontario that really doesn’t get a whole lot of snow, and when we do it prefers to melt almost immediately and become mud. Not only is it actively snowing outside, but there is accumulation occurring from the bast few days. It’s truly magical out there!

My BCs – Maya especially LOVE romping in the snow – so we set out in the field behind our house to do just that. I video taped them playing and made this little video of it:

My dogs bring me so much joy, and I today is a totally perfect kind of day. One day I hope that my life can just be this all the time – perfect doggie happiness. I learn so much from these two – they are always in the moment, love with every fibre of their being, and are joy incarnate.

By the way – 4km in shin deep snow is FAR harder on the human body than the canine! Enjoy your Wednesday 🙂

– Karen