Maya is a gorgeous, highly sassy, ball-obsessed, snow loving, red and white border collie.  Believe me, those adjectives are only the tip of the iceberg.  She does not lack in personality!

Bryan and I had been in love with border collies for a long time.  We spent a lot of time talking about it, and interacting with some  awesome examples of the breed at various farms across Ontario.  I work as a sheep & alpaca shearer in the spring, so it allowed me to see and interact with lots of breeds of dogs along the way! One thing we knew for sure – we needed to have enough room to properly exercise a BC, so we waited….and waited…  In the fall of 2010 we finally moved to a property with space enough for one of these awesome dogs…and began our search to find the one.  I’m pretty sure little Maya had began her search to find us as well!!  She was the last puppy available of a litter of five…and it was love at first sight.  Our plan was to “just go and look” at the puppies… HA!!!!

Maya came home to live with us in February of 2011, and life just hasn’t been the same since.  She has challenged me to be a better person, and opened my eyes up to a whole new world of possibilities.  I grew up with many dogs on the farm (including border collies), but never single handedly was involved in training one – until her.  I have absolutely fell in love with the process, and although I have done a whole lot wrong – Maya is very patient, and makes me do it right!

Our first exposure to professional dog training was absolutely awful, it was an instructor who believed in alpha-rolling and negative training…NOT something that meshed well with my understanding of animals, or Maya’s happiness!!  Thankfully we figured that out quickly, and  found someone who steered us in a better direction. After completing puppy classes with her decided to “TRY” out agility…   I have learned that “just trying” agility is A LOT like “just looking at” puppies.

We began competing in January of 2013, and have since traveled all over the place for seminars and classes… Agility and my border collies have truly taken over my life!!  If you follow my blog you know I have been working with Kayl McCann and learning the One Mind Dog System – I am so impressed with the improvements we have made… I know we still have a long way to go – but I believe in my crazy red dog. And me.

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