I began writing this blog in the fall of 2013 and have been having so much fun with it!  I haven’t been quite as consistent with my posts as I would like, but am getting better at sharing what’s on my mind and in my heart.

A little bit about me perhaps? I am now in my third decade here on earth…  You know what turning thirty has shown me? I need to live my life for me, and stop worrying about pleasing others… So that is my plan. To live boldly, and out loud.  Following my passions, and chasing my dreams!!

I am a Canadian Certified Pedorthist and run my own business in Sarnia, Ontario.  I grew up on a sheep farm, and spent many years  working in the spring as a sheep, alpaca, and llama shearer.  I was known to shear the odd farm dog or house cat – but I avoided it like the plague!! My passion for my dogs, and competitive dog sports has led to me giving up my spring  job so that I can focus 100% on my dogs, and moving forward in our agility journey!

I am a wife to a wonderful man – Bryan – who not only tolerates but FULLY supports all of my habits! I am a dog agility nut and owner of three amazing border collies.  Bryan and I enjoy scuba diving – and have been underwater in Tobermory, ON, Sarnia, ON, the Florida Keys, Crystal River, FL, Bonaire, and Cuba…

I strive to follow a paleo lifestyle, and I enjoy CrossFit – not the cultish bullshit that often goes with it.  Thankfully I’m a member of a gym that avoids that!  I am a photographer (for fun), aspiring guitar player (i.e. total newb), airstreamer, and traveler……. the list goes on.

I don’t think I will run out of things to talk about 🙂  Thanks for checking in & stay tuned!

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