Video, Connection, and Nowhere to sleep

Almost every trial I go to I have someone videotape my runs. I do it because I want a record of those amazing moments – the runs where it felt like perfection, where time slowed down and it is just me and the dog doing our dance.  There is so much magic in that connection, and I think it is a big part of what drives me in agility.

The last few days I have decided that it is time to go through ALL of my video. I would say that at this point I am about 50% done editing, reviewing & compiling the last years worth of agility trials.  I have always had a hard time reviewing my video. I find it difficult to watch the runs where I’m making mistakes, have poor timing, or am not showing up 110%.

You know what I’ve realized? I need to do this. I REALLY need to do this. I need to watch every single minute of this video.  It is good for me to SEE what I am doing wrong, and to realize that NO MATTER how the run turned out that my dogs are always bringing every ounce of their beings. Watching my dogs attempt to understand what I want when my timing is bad, or when I’m making mistakes shows me just how lucky I am to have them and how much HEART they have.

The dance of agility might not always BE perfect, but tonight as I watch myself stumble along in some less than spectacular runs I am thankful for my canine partners.  They don’t understand outcome, or have expectation. They live wholly in the moment, and once and awhile I am lucky enough to truly join them there.

Off to bed now…although if you see the picture above you’ll see I have nowhere to sleep 🙂

~ Karen

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