Being More, Doing Less

Love the part about spending more time “being” and less “doing”. So much truth to that.

The Cognitive Canine

Things are changing in the sport dog world.  We are suddenly immersed in activities to do with our dogs.  We can participate in scent work, dock diving, barn hunt, and more.  Just having one measly agility class a week no longer needs to cut it; we can now attend a dog-related function, be it class, seminar, or competition EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.  So, should we?

I feel that dog guardianship falls on a continuum these days with most pet dogs still not getting enough in regards to mental stimulation or exercise and most sport dogs being run utterly ragged.  Yes, I said *most* sport dogs.  If you attend a dog-related sanctioned activity that requires enormous amounts of mental stamina from your canine companion every single weekend and one or more nights a week, you might want to reconsider.  Why is it harmful to do too much?  Besides the risk…

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2 thoughts on “Being More, Doing Less

  1. Karen, I stumbled upon your blog and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. You can describe things in a way that I can actually see what you are writing about. Like Alberta getting on that plane with your husband. And I had no idea that you shed sheep! You my lady are a very interesting person and Thunder and I can’t wait to start our second session of agility and learn more from you.
    Norma (Tuesday night class)

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