Back in the Agility Saddle!

Yesterday Cash & I were finally able to make it back to his regular agility classes – he had been off from agility completely for four weeks because of an injury to his dewclaw in early September. He and I are SO used to our daily rhythm of training, it was quite a challenge for both of us to figure out how to operate with agility completely out of the picture! Trick training, and lots of swimming & hiking to keep his conditioning up was what got us through!

Our first trial back was the UKI Fall Cup held at Royackers Kennels – it was the first trial I have entered where he is jumping at his International height, and could earn points towards making it on the World Team! We had some brilliant moments, but for most of the runs felt a little bit out of sync with one little mistake here or there! Our best run was a speedstakes course, we placed 2nd by only 0.2s! Pretty good for only having recently moved up to 26″!

Maya did great at Fall Cup as well – she won the overall Games Champion for 20″ jump height – I was super proud of her performance! Wished I had entered her in more runs!!

Anyway – our time off was a reminder to cherish every single moment…and made me even more incredibly thankful for my wonderful furry companions. I really cannot imagine life without them.

We have a few weeks of good weather (hopefully!!) and class with Kayl before the U.S. Open in Fletcher, North Carolina…another important trial! I can’t wait to see how we do in a competition so large – but most of all, I can’t wait to take a road trip with these guys & enjoy the journey!!

Until next time!

– Karen

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