Grand Oakes Girl on Fire. A.k.a “Keys”

I can’t take credit for this awesome name, a friend of mine came up with it after I had been struggling with what to call her for a couple of weeks! It goes nicely with my musical theme – Cash’s full name is Grand Oakes Man in Black.

SO excited to have this little spitfire join our pack! And that name is appropriate in more ways then one – she has a HUGE set of lungs on her!!! Boy can this puppy “sing”… LOL.

She is Cash’s full sister, so I’m referring to them as Double Trouble. He isn’t too fond of having his little sister around yet, but I’m sure in time they will come to love each other. Or at least tolerate each other 🙂 Until then Maya is happy to take the pup-a-lump under her wings & show her the ropes. So lucky to have that Red Dog in my life.

Signing off for tonight! Until next time

~ Karen

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