Ready for Jamaica!!!!

If I had to do it again I would book our vacation for February.  Not to complain, going away is AWESOME.  But… in February the multiple polar vortexes and regular occurrence of more snow than I could shovel REALLY made me want to scratch my eyeballs out.  Also made me want to invest in a snowblower.

These guys however really enjoyed the snow:


I swear every time I walked out the door and wanted to cry they jumped for joy.  Kept me smiling most of the winter!

Anyway – I digress.  The reason for this post is… JAMAICA.  Less than one week from now I will be on the beach, enjoying a nice cold beverage, and the SUN.  I cannot wait!  We booked our vacation with Air Canada – and it was one of those surprise packages where they don’t tell you exactly where you are going.  That type of thing works well if you are a bit cheap (you get a better deal) and you aren’t too particular about where you land… or are indecisive!

Regardless of where we end up – it will be warmer than here, and a welcomed break from the real world!

Going to miss my dogs though…

– Karen

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