Who knew garbage bags could be SO much FUN!!

Tonight was awesome, which was awesome because as of late I am in some serious need of awesome! Yes. I know. Too many awesomes…

As you may or may not know Mondays are my AGILITY day!!! Tonight was doubly great because I was able to do not one but two classes!!! Normally just Cash & I take classes (because we really need them!!) but tonight there was an opening and I got to do a drop in with Maya đŸ™‚

You might be wondering what all this blabbering has to do with garbage bags? Well let me tell you! Kayl decided that tonight being the last night of our session we should celebrate (lol) by running some tricky sequences without our arms. She must have figured we would not be capable of that without being encased in garbage bags – as it was we all tried to cheat by sticking our finger tips out the bottom! I’m sure we were a pretty funny sight running our dogs all decked out in plastic…

You know what? Both of my dogs did awesome! Lesson learned? I need to pay more attention to more important cues like motion, position, eyes, chest laser…. OR invest in a straight jacket for trials.

Til next time!

– Karen

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