I love Mondays!

I have started to love Mondays. I know – it’s a little odd… Most people dread the end of the weekend, but not me! On Saturdays I find myself wondering “is it Monday yet??”

Before you suggest I check myself in for a psychiatric evaluation let me tell you why.

Mondays are the day that I drive (or lucky me today, have my husband drive) over five hours total for a one hour agility class.

Convinced you yet ? Lol.

Many people in my life think I’ve gone a little batshit, but you know what? That hour is beyond worth it for me.

Are there agility classes closer? Yes. Will I be as challenged or learn as much? No.

I have the opportunity to train with one of the best handlers in the world (www.kaylmccan.ca) – and really learn how to run the amazing little dog I have been blessed with.

So if that makes me crazy… So be it 🙂

Feeling very excited for the future and where Cash and I are headed! Until next time!

– Karen


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