Moving out of the Stone Age

So I finally broke down and bought a laptop.  Hence the picture…playing around with it and trying to figure out how to use it.  It’s a Macbook…because I love all things Mac.

I know its odd – I’m 30. Most thirty year olds I know have a laptop – but not me. The last one I owned was this huge brick like “IBM thinkpad”.  I hauled that thing all over campus when I was in University.  It made me punctual.  You needed to be at least 10 minutes early for class in order to allow the “thinkpad” time to wake up.  Also it preferred to be plugged in.

Needless to say, this Macbook feels like driving a high end sports car after being the propulsive device in the Flintstones car 🙂

Just wanted to check in & let you know there are no more excuses now! I will be blogging up a storm!

Oh – and agility classes with Kayl McCann have been going PHENOMENAL. We’ve been twice now, and I am learning so much!!

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