Time to GO!

My husband and I have been kicking a lot of tires lately. We both would love to move to a place with more space – outdoor space that is. Our current home is in a super nice spot, it’s 120 years old or older…. But I don’t think it’s our forever spot…. I can’t fit an agility building on the lot. Even if I could, I’m 99% certain the township wouldn’t approve 🙂

Why the preamble? Well…we’ve recently become frustrated with trying to find our spot, and with winter (it’s been a little ridiculous lately!!) and have decided that it’s time to just GO! Like a lot of Canadians who have a slightly soft constitution when it comes to winter we have chosen the sunny south :). Jamaica to be exact – a place neither of us has been.

I’m pretty excited for the trip – it’s an all inclusive – so I have no planning to do, we are just going to go, relax & enjoy the sun! Maybe get a couple dives in, depending on our level of motivation 🙂

The other thing that’s awesome? These plans will keep me hitting the gym & eating clean! Got to get beach ready! 🙂 Especially considering there is an “au naturel” section (lol…that terrifies me!!)

What about you guys? Any plans for a winter getaway??

– Karen

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