Odds & ends & whatnots

It’s been awhile…again…I have to set myself a better schedule to keep up with this!

My tooth fell out at Denny’s eating scrambled eggs. I can’t blame the eggs, or Denny’s, or the dentist. That poor temporary tooth was tired & had had enough.

Here’s something those of you without dental drama may not realize. Dentists like to take time off over the holidays. So…. I was toothless for New Years, and only had it reinstalled on Tuesday. Approximately 8 days without my front tooth… Fortunately I’m kind of getting used to the ‘look’ lol!

I did find a dentist who tried to fix it in the interim, but my tooth prefers specialists…. It also sounds like I’m going to need a gum procedure in the somewhat near future to provide symmetry to my smile… Trying to not be terrified!!

More updates to come 🙂

– Karen

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