Winter Wonderland

Today I am off from work, and so have spent my day chilling out with my two border collies Maya & Cash. Well chilling out border collie style… You see, it’s SNOWING at my house. I live in a part of Ontario that really doesn’t get a whole lot of snow, and when we do it prefers to melt almost immediately and become mud. Not only is it actively snowing outside, but there is accumulation occurring from the bast few days. It’s truly magical out there!

My BCs – Maya especially LOVE romping in the snow – so we set out in the field behind our house to do just that. I video taped them playing and made this little video of it:

My dogs bring me so much joy, and I today is a totally perfect kind of day. One day I hope that my life can just be this all the time – perfect doggie happiness. I learn so much from these two – they are always in the moment, love with every fibre of their being, and are joy incarnate.

By the way – 4km in shin deep snow is FAR harder on the human body than the canine! Enjoy your Wednesday šŸ™‚

– Karen

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