My Lightbulb moment

I just had THE MOST amazing weekend ever.  To those of you who don’t do agility, I will do my best to describe how awesome it was!  I attended a Kayl McCann ( seminar in Barrie, Ontario this weekend with my hungover half partner (see previous blog posting) Lori.  Kayl was teaching on the “One Mind Dog” concept ( – and to be honest I had no idea what I was getting into or what to expect.  I am SUCH an agility newbie, and hadn’t heard much about the One Mind Dog concept.  It’s only been two years of agility for me so far, and I already feel as though I’ve been on a pretty steep learning curve!!

We braved some scary road conditions to get to a friends house North of Barrie Friday night, settled in for some drinks and relaxation before the seminar.  I had my dogs Maya & Cash with me and Lori her dog Squeeze and Izzy.  Izzy is a puppy.  She’s perfect. I’m in love. She’s a Canadian and one day I’m thinking I’m going to have to abduct her and bring her back to her home country 🙂 She actually could pass for Maya’s daughter – they are the same beautiful deep red, but I digress.

Day 1 of the seminar, moment 1 – (fully awake & caffeinated due to 1 hour drive in snowy conditions from friends house) – I knew I liked Kayl, and the way the weekend was going to go down.  She is an absolutely INCREDIBLE instructor, makes you feel comfortable instantly,  explains things super clearly and makes everything about it fun. Which is what agility is supposed to be! Fun!!  I’m not going to go into detail on the One Mind Dog system – because, well, you should take a seminar – but I feel as though I FINALLY learned how to speak the same language as my dog.  Words do not describe how awesome it is to look your dog in the eyes, and not only SEE but FEEL the difference in his response to your cues.

I hardly slept last night. I have been doing agility moves in my orthotic lab.  I am beyond excited by this, and am looking forward to what the future will hold!

Back to work….. until next time!

– Karen & Cash & Maya

6 thoughts on “My Lightbulb moment

  1. So jealous. Love her as a handler! Sounds like a blast, minus those driving conditions& slightly hungover status 😉
    I feel you on the agility newbie ..I’m only 1yr into it. Happy learning!

      • I have an almost-18 Vizsla& I also run a 3yr old BC. I’ve been to 5 trials (closest ones are 4hrs away!)& managed out of Starter’s in all events (except Snooker. Hate that game.)& 12 Qs! I’ve also trained with Jess Martin ..looking forward to Nationals this year!

      • Awesome! I live really close to the Michigan border so I have been doing most of my trialing and training and training there. I am hoping to try some of the AAC trials this year, and definitely regionals! It’s crazy your closest trial is 4 hours away!

      • Hey, you’ll have to let me know how you do at Regionals 🙂 We’re planning to smoke them ..but will be happy just to qualify! I am jealous that trials are closer for other people aha

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