The Hungover Half

It’s a good idea to train before running a half marathon.  Especially now that I’m thirty.  I signed up for it awhile ago on a whim, while hanging out at an agility trial with my American friend Lori.  She asked me if I had heard about the Detroit International half marathon – and since we are international friends I thought it sounded like something fun to do.  A couple of weeks ago I realized it was almost the date of the race…

Its not that I’m not in shape.  I CrossFit pretty regularly, not quite enough…but I’m working on it… but I don’t really run. I used to run all the time, but I like the body composition and overall healthy feeling I get from doing CrossFit.  We run in CrossFit, but not nearly as much as is required to “properly” prepare for a half marathon.

As I was getting to the hotel we stayed at (MGM Grand in Detroit!!!) I confessed to Lori that I had only “run” three times since June.  Four times if you count the Tough Mudder I did in June (I think it should count!).  She looked at me with an “oh, no” kind of face.

MGM Grand was pretty fabulous, we had a super dinner, lost some money gambling ($25 – big spenders, I know…) and rented “The Heat” from the Pay-per-view in the room.  Hilarious movie by the way. We thought we would watch it and drift off to sleep. At 12:15 am when the movie ended we realized we were going to be pretty tired in the morning.  These marathon organizers seem to like to start their events at the crack of dawn.

3:00 am rolls around and there is a very angry person outside of our door banging & demanding we let him in!! He was convinced that we were in his room.  Told us to wake up his friend.  We called security.  I have a feeling he was dyslexic and had been drinking a little too much.

The half marathon started while the moon was up – we decided we were just going to take it easy and go at a comfortable pace.  It took us around 2:40 to complete it – and I have to admit I enjoyed the first 2/3rds of the run.  You get to run over the Ambassador bridge into Canada, then back through the tunnel under the St.Clair river.  The last bit was a lot tougher mentally than I remember the first half marathon I did (I was like 22 at the time…and had trained), and harder on me than the Tough Mudder events that I love.  There’s nothing like mud, cold, and electrocution to distract you from the fact you can no longer feel your legs!

We finished, and hobbled back over to the MGM Grand to have a shower and relax before checkout. We had been referring to it as the Hungover Half because we intended to enjoy ourselves the night before. Truth be told we were done drinking by 8:00…I guess that’s how things go when you’re over thirty! 🙂


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