Agility – a contact sport?

My border collie Maya knocked out one of my front teeth a year and a half ago, well not right out…. The tooth died a slow and painful death. It was an accident, or so she says. We we’re doing Susan Garrett’s 2×2 weave pole training, and our heads collided while playing with a tug toy.

So for the last long while I have been dealing with the process of getting a dental implant. I know far more about dentistry and this process then I EVER wanted to know!

Why am I going on about this when I said I would be updating you on my adventures? Well I unfortunately did not have good access to the internet and slacked off while traveling. I’m sorry. Our trip was great. I saw northern lights and starry skies…and ate far too much yummy food πŸ™‚

It’s my right front tooth. And I have a gummy smile. Currently things are not looking all that aesthetically great. I’m not going to use my blog as a place to slander the dental care I received initially….but it sucked (no names!) Thankfully I am in the hands of a true professional now who is doing the best he can to fix my smile. The implant has a temporary crown on it, but it’s the kind that could fall off if I am too hard on it. I am 30 and I carry Polident with me in case my crown falls off its post. Lol.

I still love my dogs. I do refer to Maya as the tooth fairy. My husband thinks I should run/train agility with a mouth guard πŸ™‚

– Karen

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