Camping in the Rain

Well it’s the morning of Day 3 here at TNT Dog Training Centre in Midland, MI – it’s such a beautiful facility. It’s been pouring rain since we got here and I am VERY glad that we have been competing indoors! Running in the rain can be fun… but not for three days in a row!

I am also immensely happy that I’m not camping in a tent! I used to be one of those people that thought camping in a trailer wasn’t “really” camping … I’ve changed my mind.

I know being in my giant tin can with a refrigerator, and coffee maker (clearly the MOST important appliance) is not the same as roughing it in Algonquin Park… But today I am quite thankful to have heard the rain binging off of the roof rather than seeping in around our tent seams!

The agility trial has gone super well so far, lots of time spent with good friends, and of course my beautiful dogs 🙂 We have been parked in my good friend Lori’s awesome dad joe’s (mouthful there!) lane way not far from the show site. Last night they treated us to a lovely steak dinner on the back deck overlooking the lake. So thankful to be surrounded by such great people !

We are headed north tonight – destination unknown. Will update as we go!

– Karen

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