Lindors by the pound?!

My husband, myself and dogs – Maya & Cash left for our two week camping and agility trial road trip yesterday. The thing about where we were headed (Midland, MI) is that to get there we had to drive past the Birch Run outlet mall.

To be honest I’m not one of those girls with a shopping problem….but I do on occasion like to find a good deal. Plus there is an Under Armour outlet…which works well with helping me look good while running agility & crossfitting 🙂

It turns out that outlet malls are far more dangerous then I realized. Especially when frequented with a husband with a sweet tooth. We were just about to leave when we saw a sign that said Lindor. Bryan decided we should just check it out… I’ve come to realize that checking out chocolate stores is a lot like going to “just look” at puppies. Especially when they give you samples ! I had no idea there were so many flavours of Lindor truffles.

We left the outlet mall with a far too big bag of Lindor chocolates (had to try at least three of each kind!) and the knowledge that they sell them by the pound…. Going to need to spend some more time in my Under Armour 🙂

– Karen

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